Trust our Qualified Service Technicians with your Mercedes.

Our highly experienced team of qualified truck mechanics at Bendigo Auto Centre can help you maximise the efficiency of your Mercedes to keep you travelling safely and comfortably. With our high quality of work, reliable service, and dedication to quality, you can rely on us to ensure your Mercedes is serviced to operate at peak condition.

With the highly trained and skilled team of technicians, we can assure you we have knowledge in all models and makes of your Mercedes. Working diligently to get you moving on the road, we offer competitive rates and a timely service for all your mechanical needs.

No matter the Model you have Bendigo Auto Centre can take care of your Mercedes! Call us today!1300446616

Mercedes Truck Serviced in Bendigo
  • Actros – 4×2 / 6×2 / 6×4 (Prime Mover: Single Trailer, B-Double, Road Train)
  • Arocs – 8×4 (Rigid) / 48t (8×4 Rigid) / 4×4 (AWD) / 6×6 (AWD) / 8×8 (AWD)
  • Actros – 4×2 (Rigid) / 6×2 (Rigid) / 6×4 (Rigid)
  • Econic – 1830 LL / 1835 LL / 2630 LL / 2635 LL
  • Unimog – U219 / U423 Long / U430 / U430 Long / U435 / U435 Long / U530 Long / U535 / U535 Long / U4023 / U5023

We can offer numerous services for your Mercedes to meet your individual needs!

At Bendigo Auto Centre we can assist in making routine services of your Mercedes a more efficient and hassle-free experience. Our team values our customers and aims to assist all of your servicing needs in any way possible. With our dedicated and highly qualified team of mechanics at Bendigo, we can get you travelling on the roads, safely, comfortably and quickly.

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